Screen turns grey!

KamisuKamisu Member Posts: 7
edited August 2017 in Mining
My configuration is :
-corsair cs850M
-ram 4gb
-gigabyte H110-03A
-cpu : intel celeron
-gpu : - Rx 480 8gb
- Rx 580 4gb

My gpus are running at 25 mh/s each, without any bios mode or overclock. But after 2h of mining my screen just turns grey.

Any clues ?


  • BewinxedBewinxed Member Posts: 1
    Lower your Memory speed by 5-10 and try again, had this issue on rx 480.

    Then try mining for a while, if it's stable raise by 5, if stable raise by 5, if it crashes go back 5 and raise the intensity on the miner.

    That solved it for mr RX 480 red devil, churning now at 30Mh
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