How to properly uninstall Ethereum wallet

3th3th Member Posts: 2
Hello everyone,

I hope you guys can help me on an issue I'm having with the ethereum wallet.
I downloaded the wallet from the ethereum homepage and quickly noticed that it was slow as hell syncing the blockchain – a problem many of you probably know. Because of that I deleted the chaindata folder as suggested in many threads. I still had the problem of a slow sync so I decided to start all over againg, to uninstall the wallet, install it and delete the chaindata folder again.

To my surprise after uninstalling the wallet and installing it again I couldn't find the chaindata folder and other folders anymore. The folder structure seems to have changed. There is a chaindata folder, but it is now in the geth folder which wasn't the case at the beginning …
My folder structure looks like this since then:

I think to remember that before my whole uninstall & reinstall chaos the Ethereum folder had more subdirectories in it … Or am I just wrong?
Nevertheless I would like to know how I can COMPLETELY uninstall the Ethereum wallet and everything connected to it, so that I can atempt to install it properly again (without it missing certain folders).
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