New to cryptocurrency

dieseldiesel Member Posts: 14
Hi, I am still new to this and started reading/watching videos only about 3 days ago. Currently I am trying to decide which direction I will select, either mining or buying coins

I have approx €3000 to invest and with electricity costs of €0.1607 per unit.

Any suggestions ?


  • samjankussamjankus Member Posts: 99
    I started mining about 1.5 months ago. I can tell you that I didn't get into mining to make money. I do it because I like tinkering with electronics and I needed a new hobby.

    With PoS coming and the difficulty of ice ages trimming down profits every 4 weeks, it's getting hard to justify investing any real money in mining, but others will differ.

    What's your motivation? Only making money? If it is, then IMHO I say invest (bet?) it by buying the coins.
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