De-Centralize Magazine now live!

Decentralize_MagDecentralize_Mag Member Posts: 1 is a crowdsourced magazine about Web 3.0 opinions, projects and events.
The magazine platform allows for every user to create a channel which will serve as a blog, and the best posts will float to the main page.

The magazine is all about about the coming revolution made possible by recent breakthroughs in cryptography and blockchain technology, and will cover:
  • Đstartups and Đapps
  • ĐAO, and Đ Currency & Governance
  • Đ Identity & Self Sovereignty
  • Privacy and You Own Your Data - YOYD
  • Đ Business Models - ĐSaaS, ĐVM
  • Micro Payments
  • The Death of the server, and P2P+Mesh Networking
  • Smart Contracts
Join us!
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