Chain Structure Sync starts from 0 every time I start Mist

SavatgySavatgy Member Posts: 13
Anybody know when this multi-billion dollar industry is going to have a functional system? Can't wait 20 to 30 hours to download every time I need to make a transfer of ETH. Geth --rpc --fast starts to hang mid download and I have to exit Geth and Mist, thus restarting from zero again. I actually don't think its possible to completely download the Chain Structure Sync because Geth --rpc --fast will hang after 3-5 hours of sync. I did a test transfer of $8 worth of ETH and I can't even send that back to my coinbase account until I get a functional version of the wallet. I don't even care If i lose that $8, If someone can show me how to get this working that would be great
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