Cryptonex (CNX) - Global Blockchain Aquiring

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Cryptonex (CNX) - Global Blockchain Aquiring

Instantly exchange the currencies of different countries for any cryptocurrencies and tokens. Spend сryptoсurrency using debit cards and mobile applications with contactless payments.


Cryptonex is a global, decentralized cryptocurrency of new generation. It is created on its own blockchain platform. The main goal is to give the opportunity to exchange any world's currencies for any cryptocurrencies and tokens, buy goods and services using mobile phones and payment cards. Instantly, with minimum commission. Join us! Together we will help to develop the blockchain and make the world comfortable and technological.

Cryptonex is being created by international team of Investment Financial Group, which main specialization is software development for financial markets. ECN broker with interbank market access, aggregator of providers' liquidity for HFT trading, investment portfolio systems, PAMM accounts and much more have been developed by Investment Financial Group. The team considers 210,000,000 coins as optimal and maximum possible number of coins. 85,000,000 CNX will be the emission for free circulation via pre-sale, website and exchanges. 15,000,000 CNX will be used for Bounty Program. The Cryptonex team owns 5,000,000 CNX. Cryptocurrency in the amount of about 100,000,000 CNX will provide liquidity while aquiring.


Launch of backoffice & web wallet. Providing of high-speed api. Wallet for Mac OS.

WINTER 2017-2018
Launch of mobile applications for Apple and Android platforms.

Development and sale of hardware wallets to all who wish.

The final stage of aquiring development. Addition to aquiring of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Beta-testing. Addition to aquiring via banks.

WINTER 2018-2019
Launch of aquiring.


Cryptonex rewards its users for posts in forums and social nets. Posts should be meaningful and useful. For 1 post, that mentioned Cryptonex, a user is rewarded with 1 CNX. For the post with active link to Cryptonex website the user gets 2 CNX.The user may post information about Cryptonex in the signature. To get the reward the user should send the url via the form of the backoffice. The program controls the existence and availability of the post within 3 days. Then the moderator checks the quality of the post and remunerates the user.

The team gives a unique opportunity for active users, who help Cryptonex to develop. Send a referral link to your friend and get 20% each time your friend buys CNX. The reward is automatically transferred only in case purchase has done via the backoffice. Be careful while sending a referral link! The Bounty Program is valid until CNX 90,000,000 will be released for free circulation. After that the purchase of CNX via the backoffice will be unavailable.

The team will announce contests for the best website design, mobile application and interfaces.

We encourage programmers who have found bugs and vulnerabilities in the platform's code.

Cryptonex encourages users to translate texts and develop the project in their national environment.

Are there great ideas or cases for Cryptonex development? Share with us and get a reward.


1 CNX = 0.0005 BTC | 1 CNX = 0.007 Ether

1. Currently, before the launch of the backoffice, pre-sale is available under the following conditions: the minimum transfer amount is 1 BTC or 14 Ether. Bonus at this stage is + 20%. Payments are handled manually. Transfer the amount of 1 BTC or 14 Ether to your wallet. Send your notification via the feedback form. It is necessary to specify the wallet from which the transfer is done, the amount of the transfer and Cryptonex wallet. We will announce the finishing of the pre-sale stage and the launch of the backoffice in twenty-four hours.

2. At the launch of the backoffice, the minimum transfer amount is canceled. Send a referral link to your friend and get 20% from buying coins. Bonuses are automatically transferred in CNX.

3. After CNX is added to the exchanges, the CNX price in the backoffice is determined in accordance with the quotes. The referral program is available until CNX 90,000,000 will be put into circulation.

Get 20% bonus right now.


Official site:

Wallet for Windows:
Wallet for Linux:

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