Trading Eth for other currencies in some states

thoth3gthoth3g Member Posts: 7
Feel free to point me to a different forum or delete if it's incorrect that I ask this. New miner here or will be soon.

It is increasingly difficult in some states like WA to find a service that will trade you into other currency. I've starting using Coinbase. It was disappointing to see that a small purchase will take 7 days and now will not allow other more instant methods until this first one is complete. I hope it will be more useful when it comes time to turn my ETH into USD.
Most of the exchanges all advertise that they do "instant" purchases but of course that is only the case after some lengthy verification. This is all well and good except I am finding that many such as Kraken will not do business with me because of the state that I live in.

I understand that is is not an investment forum but it will be necessary at times to take proceeds and convert them. Are there any trusted forums or websites that you can point me to or do you have suggestions?


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