How to use Geth for ios library

I'm new to Ethereum. I'm trying to use Geth to implement a wallet-like SDK on ios with Objective-C. I found all the classes in Geth for ios library init with a GoSeqRef object. However, the GoSeqRef object is initialized with 'id' type. I totally have no idea what kind of object I should pass in. I can't find any sample code in Objective-C on the Internet. I don't know how to start....
For example, I'd like to use my private key to get my account/smart contract address and then push some transactions or invoke a ABI on my smart contract.
Anyone can help? Any help is appreciated.

Besides, the wiki says "In-process Ethereum, Whisper and Swarm peer-to-peer node". Do I have to run a node on my mobile devices? Could I just push transactions, interact with ABIs on smart contracts or query transaction records? Instead of running a node.

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