- Shop from Amazon with ETH, No ShapeShift

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Hi everyone,
Here is my project I believe that liquidity and stability of Ethereum are as important as its ability to build awesome applications. However, we have only few shops that accept ETH and unfortunately all of them use ShapeShift which adds 2-3% on the price. As a solution, I created a simple online shop that allows you to shop from products on Amazon with ETH.

  • Coinbase ETH rate
  • No exchange fee
  • No other fee
  • Free 2-day Shipping on Prime available products
  • Order Tracking Link
  • Same price as Amazon
  • Search or just copy paste a Amazon product link
We'll send the items as gift items and Amazon allows gift recipients to return items even if the order wasn't marked as a gift when it was purchased. Amazon Return Policy. I hope that someday Amazon starts accepting ETH, until then MyEtherShop will be with you.

Happy Ether Shopping

Disclaimer: We don't have any relationship with Amazon.
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