Do you guys have any clue where can i ...

MistGoldMistGold Member Posts: 5
Hello guys saddly my electric instalation wont hold that much mining rigs and i have to sell them do you guys know any good place to sell them without getting scammed?
Thats the each righ specs:

6x RX 570 nitro+ (36 months warrianty)
Corsair RM 1000x (64 months warrianty)
Hyperx 8GB Ram (life time warrianty)
intel celeron G1840 (6 years warrianty)
Motherboard H81 Pro BTC ( 36 motnsh warrianty)
Adata SSD 120GB ( 7 years warrianty)
6x Riser 009S (No warrianty)

And what price can i get for one right like that?


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