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Well, I missed the boat here! I had planned a build for this 3 years ago when coins were only roughly making you $10! I cringed when I found out the recent price

Im not going to pass it up this time around..

I have access to free power so i'm not really to overly concerned about power consumption I'd just like to know what the best hashing cards are at a reasonable price.. I.e if theres only a 2Mh/s difference between two cards but the better is $400 difference in price.. id fine with that 2 MH/s loss..

Id like to base a build on achieving 200~ MH/s.. what GPU options are there to achieve these results in a single build as I need to put them into a rack mountable case.

All help much appreciated in advance! thanks.


  • erstwealerstweal MidwestMember Posts: 122 ✭✭
    Well, if the Vega RX 64 really hashes at 70-100Mh for $500, that's where I would start. Of course, they will be hard to come by when they become available, but you've waited this long....
  • demannudemannu Member Posts: 11
    edited August 2017
    Fair point, that sounds promising if the rumors are indeed true.. do other have any more recommendations?
  • demannudemannu Member Posts: 11
    Its only early days, but the RX64 so far looks to be not so good for mining eth.. any other suggestions? the RX570's are looking alright at the moment.. they're fairly cheap and I've seen some 12GPU setups hitting the 315~320MH/s marks
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