Chat with the ethereum community on Skype, IRC and Gitter!

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If you'd like to chat in real time with the community, it's never been simpler.
We operate multiple channels on both Skype, IRC and Gitter:

Main Skype Channels

- Ethereum: the main channel, bridged to IRC #ethereum
- Ethereum-dev: the developer's channel, bridged to IRC #ethereum-dev

Speciality Skype Channels

- Solidity and web3
- Pi Ethereum
- Serpent
- Miner community Support
- ÐΞVgrants
- Ethereum: Reputation - discussion, education and delivery
- Netstats: chat regarding

Regional Skype Channels

- London General: London-based Etherians (alternatively there is a discord chat room)
- Italia: Italian Etherians
- Romania: Romanian Etherians
- Russia - Russian Etherians (Russian language)

Gitter channels

- Go-Ethereum

IRC channels (Freenode)

- #ethereum: for general discussion
- #ethereum-dev: for development specific questions and discussions
- ##ethereum: for offtopic and banter
- #ethereum-mining: for mining only conversations
- #ethereum-markets: for discussions about markets


Skype can be download for most platforms including mobile at

Joining IRC is just as easy: it's free to use and is supported by many different clients on all operating systems. Options include:
  • All platforms: you can join the main channel via the web by clicking or use chatzilla on firefox, or Byrd on Chrome
  • OSX: Colloquy and Textual (paid app) are good options
  • Windows: Mirc is the age-old standard, Xchat works too
  • Nix: Xchat or Irssi

27 May 2015 - rewritten and merged with skype megabridge thread
28 May 2015 - updated to include more channels, as well as the Go Gitter
04 Aug 2015 - updated to point the general chat to ethereum[1] as [3] was full
06 Aug 2015 - updated IRC channels
08 Aug 2015 - fixed Ethereum-dev link
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