Confused about wallets

FrankTheBankFrankTheBank Member Posts: 18
I mined some ETH a little over a year ago on, and it was getting deposited in a account 0x73FFd9B2...... according to the site. I guess I must have set up this wallet but don't remember how or where. I think I deleted the app.
I did find a file (maybe a key file?) on the computer though. Here's the filename:
UTC--2016-03-20T03-15-40.435628100Z--73ffd9b2e11e639c26e3b8e5086fbf990098e4e5 is this a key?
I dragged this file into the import account" screen on the Ethereum Wallet app. But it shows 0.00 balance.
It would be cool to do something with this ETH. But is it gone for good? Am I starting from scratch? Thanks.


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