Introducing a Coinless economy.

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Coinless emerges as a response to the world speculative ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies, which adds value to what in essence has “no value”. The founders of the project believe in this business model and sees it's potential to disrupt, decentralize and democratize the economy. We believe that what looks nonsensical in the present, a completely independent system, the economic theory to pave the ideal of a global silk-road.

Coinless is the plan C. Lets grow such a strong currency without exchanging it for goods, nor money as a commodity, but for other digital tokens. Coinless is a token to collect, to be the cool cat in the alley, isn't it all about that?

Coinless breaks the paradigm of the “Great Bubble Pop”, being the only currency capable of overcoming the limitations and obstacles of the scheme, because it doesn’t belong to a regulated economic system, bringing security and stability to all those who understand the project of the founding fathers, three great economists that besides their contradictions, always really wanted to bring economic freedom to the people.

The values of the brand and the team are explicit. Our users will have an exchange currency which will always have the same inverted value, and will be able to generate revenue, even though this will be directly linked to the participation of people for such growth. Our objective as a brand is to present a cryptocoin with free convertibility, allowing investors to participate of this concept.

But check out their website:
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