How to power 10 cards and 10 risers with 2 PSU's (too few cables?)

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Hey guys! :)

I need help figuring out which adapters that are safe to use to power 10 cards with 10 risers with 6-pin (006c). I know this has been asked over and over again, but I’m still confused.

I have two PSUs:
EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 Platinum
EVGA Supernova 750 G2 Gold

1200 will power 6 VGA cards, 750 will power 4 cards.

1200 has:
4x 6+2 (4 cards)
2x 6+2 + 6 pin (2 cards)
1x 3x molex (2 risers)
1x 2x molex (2 risers)

750 has
4x 6+2 (4 cards)
1x 4x molex (2 risers)

From what I’ve read, I can power 2 risers with each cable, and I can convert from molex to 6-pin, with an adapter like this:
I’ve also seen a lot of 2x molex to 6-pin, but I don’t understand what those are for.

The 1200 can power 4 risers, and 750 can power 2 risers. Then what? I still have 4 risers to power.

Can I put a Y-splitter on the VGA output, and then pass that on to the riser? Or is it better to use the SATA-connectors on the PSU, but put 6-pin cables there instead? They have the same shape. Is it important that I use real EVGA thick cables to minimize any risks?

Thank you in advance!


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    Avoid adapters and just buy some extra molex strings for a couple bucks on ebay. You can write their support too and sometimes they will send some though I'm sure we've tapped them dry by now :smile: but yeah check ebay
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    Thanks. I bought an "EVGA Red 1600 G2/P2/T2 Additional Power Supply Cable Set, Individually Sleeved (100-CR-1600-B9)" and also found another new EVGA 750 G2 PSU with it's cables, and a "CableMod E-Series G3 / G2 / P2 / T2 ModFlex™ Cable Kit – BLACK / RED" for a good price on a local ad site.

    So hopefully I will have enough cables :smiley:
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