EthOS RX480 Problem

CurryCurry Member Posts: 1
Hey Guys,

i have some problems to start the rig with ETHOS and 2 RX480 8GB.

Before i bought the RX480 i had a rig like the following:

AMD Athlon II X2
8GB Ram
128 GB SSD
MSI Mainboard with 1x PCIe16x and 2x PCIe1x
GPU0 = ATI HD 7950 3gb
GPU1 = ATI HD 7950 3GB
550w Power supply

this rig works fine!

Now i use the same rig, but instead of the two 7950, i installed two RX480 8GB

But ETHOS will not start with two RX480... ETHOS dectect both GPUs but It stops at the screen with a blinking cursor.
If i use only one RX480, ETHOS works fine. Doesnt matter which GPU, but only one.

I tried different Risers, Different Slots but no chance. I can run only 1 Card.

The power consumption of both RX480 is lower than both 7950, so the Power supply should handle this.

Can anyone help me?
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