potential hack???? Super miner????

YamaricYamaric Member Posts: 1
Maybe I am just on the paranoid side, but in the last 24hr we have had a couple of new miners come into the pool which have gone from 5 Ether per day to as I write this 65 Ether per day and climbing. effective hash rates go from zero to almost 800GH/S YES 800. I have contacted Etherpool support 4 hours ago and still no reply.

Why does this concern me? It concerns all legitimate miners as if these people have found a way to cheat the system then we have a truly massive problem. The legitimate miners now are being pushed further a further back to be able to mine a payout. The current amount of shares to get the block is now approx. 1600 and rising hourly. as by the time these miners get paid out they are having so much faster hash rates than the next miner in line that they are starting their shares with hundreds of shares already and are moving back up the the top position for payout within minutes, they are essentially pushing all other miners back to the point not being able to get paid out. If this increases they will essentially get to the point that by the time they receive the block they will have accumulated enough share to be put right back on the top and there will not be any room for any other miners to be able to squeeze in between their payouts ( e.g. shares to payout = 3000 miner is hashing at 900GHs next miners are in the 1200-1400 range, 3000 shares-1400 next closest miner = 1600 shares and the 900GH/s miner never leaves top position, essentially almost all payouts will go to 1 miner.

If any one has any insite that I am not understanding please let me know, I may be new but my comprehension of math still worries me about what is happening.


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