unable to start my rig

tearsdontfalltearsdontfall Member Posts: 23
my rig components :-

1. dual core 6th generation processor
2. msi m7 z170a motherboard
3. 120 gb ssd
4. 2 * 850 watt thermaltake gold psu
5. 2400 bus speed ddr4 4 gb ram
6. 4 * asus strix rx 580 8gb gaming

I'm using windows 10. I am able to start my rig with two gpu placed in pci express slot. but when I'm attaching risers with my gpu then windows is not booting and there is no display. what can I do now?? what amd driver I should use?? what motherboard settings do I have to use.

I'm helpless. please help me.
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