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I’m quite new here but I’m very enthusiastic about blockchain technology and in particular, Ethereum’s blockchain network. I am a petroleum engineer by discipline but I’m willing to make a switch. I have registered for a course on Udemy on building smart contracts and DAPP using solidity. I did realize that I will need some bits of coding knowledge before I can fully make use of Solidity. However I’m not sure on which coding language is best for me to learn as something who doesn’t have prior coding knowledge in order to fully participate in the Ethereum smart contract and decentralized applications world. Your advice and recommendations will be very helpful. Thanks.


  • coochiepowercoochiepower Member Posts: 4
    If you looking for some starter experience please think about joining our team.

    We are building a blockchain with multi signature options platform on the Ethereum blockchain with Solidity by a small team with 2-3 backend developers, one web developer.

    We’re utilizing the blockchain for life & death matters. Video conference call tomorrow Saturday July 29th @9am to discuss the project.

    Please let me know if you're interested in conference call information.

    Thanks for your time.
  • tobygbade1tobygbade1 Member Posts: 2
    @coochiepower; I'm sorry I already missed the video call. But I will be willing to join the team so I long I can contribute and learn from the project development. However, I don't have a programming background like I mentioned in my initial post. Some additional information about the project and how you think I can fit in will be quite handy. I will be standing by to hear from you.
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