[POOL][ANN] UBIQ.MINERPOOL.NET - give Ubiq a try (UBQ, US / EU)

dachrlsdachrls GermanyMember Posts: 17
Hello Miners,

We are proud to announce a new anonymous US / EU Ubiq Miningpool, shortly listed on the official Ubiq Homepage.

Servers are located in Europe and Northamerica. Choose the one which better fits your need.

Pool fees are at 0% atm, so we would be glad if you give Ubiq a try and test it yourself.

Website / Pool:

Stratum Mining:
EU: stratum+tcp://eu.ubiq.minerpool.net:8008
US: stratum+tcp://us.ubiq.minerpool.net:8008

Getwork Mining:
EU: http://eu.ubiq.minerpool.net:8888
US: http://us.ubiq.minerpool.net:8888

Network: Ethereum
Algorithm: Dagger Hashimoto
Block Reward: 8 Ubiq
Network Difficulty only: 19.593 T
Network Hash Rate only: 1.36 TH
Network ID: 88

Mail: [email protected]
Slack: join http://slack.ubiqsmart.com/ (direct Message to the Pool Operators: @dachrls @daduke @chrisno)

Happy Mining B)
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