Mining Pools are cheating !? :|

investooninvestoon Member Posts: 11
Hello, today I have spent about 3-4 hours to find all known public Ethereum mining pools, to make a table of it (50% of them where offline) and 2 are alive but with 0 hashrate. So I made a table that you can see at with live ping from user location to that pools.

Then I visited that pools again to collect hashrate speed, and total is 75.19184 TH (you can see it at the bottom of a table) but using or or any other pool it show about 73 TH. Why is it so? You can visit that pools and calculate again.

And it is without calculation of private pools, solo mining, and cloud mining. So are Mining pools are cheating?
PS.(And without calculation of because some people said that they does not pay)

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