Noob help: can't get 29-30mhs out of rx580s

bobbintbbobbintb Member Posts: 10
My mining rig has 12 ASUS Dual Radeon RX580s 8GB and running ethOS. Stock, they get about 23mhs. I used Polaris and ATIflash to copy the 1750 timing to the 2000 timing. They get a little over 27mhs after that, stable. That's in Windows with Claymore miner. However, when I put them in my rig, ethOS shows them getting just shy of 26mhs, about 25.9mhs. More than that, my pool stats should be saying I'm getting about 300mhs (25mhs * 12) but it's reporting about 240mhs for some reason. Furthermore, I can't seem to be able to get the 29-30mhs everyone else seems to be getting out of this card. I used Trixx on one test card in Windows and I changed only the memory clock to 2150 and I get 29mhs but it is only stable for a minute or two. That's the best I've gotten it. I might be able to get 28. Any pointers on getting it to 29-30 and stable? Should I mine in Windows or something else since ethOS seems to be performing so poorly?


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