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I have multiple skill sets and many years of experience in each.

I am offering my services to the Ethereum community in exchange for ETH (if you don't have it yet, then other crypros).

-Technical Writer with certification, over 14 years in IT, finance, and advertising, including working in “Silicon Valley,” producing user manuals, online help, technical guides, web content, and more, for multiple audiences from expert to beginner.

-Published professional author with decades of experience, many articles, blogs, and have books for sale, both fiction and non-fiction on Amazon.com, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, B&N, Smashwords, and many more sites.

-Accomplished video producer/filmmaker with 19 years of experience, film school grad, have broadcast TV credits, won awards, had my films distributed, am listed on IMDb.com, and have worked with top people in the entertainment industry; made fiction films, commercials, promos, music videos, and documentaries; YouTube Partner.

-Epublishing early adapter since 2011 with my own books on global platforms, in multiple ebook formats and paper editions available in bookstores, and have produced e/books of other writers, helping them gain worldwide distribution, now accepting crypocurrencies directly and through ebook vendors.

Portfolios of work and references are available. Please check my profile for links.

Based in Toronto, Canada.
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