Spontaneous (duplicate transaction) 2 days later...

I'm new to the crypto world (arriving to the ETH party a bit late... roughly 3 weeks ago).

I awoke yesterday morning expecting to find ~ .9 ETH in my Mist wallet from two days of mining. Instead I found .2 -- I checked Etherscan and saw that (while I slept) .7 ETH was transferred to my ETH balance at Cryptopia.

I did not initiate this deposit, but did note that it's the EXACT same amount I transferred a couple of days ago into there. Is there some type of automatic feature at play that I'm unaware of?

Obviously, this caused me some concern - but at least I found where it went to, having thought someone hacked things initially.

Here are the transactions I'm referring to (the most recent being the one that caught me off guard, the other being the one I initiated).


7220460 ETH 0.70225435 Confirmed Normal 0xf711fac516ca10f5ce9e462f6afee01f1cc08c324869e5b4f60f71f1bafc70ab 20/20 21/07/2017 2:16:00 AM

7159564 ETH 0.70225435 Confirmed Normal 0x12fa3d62de1d56dd9609e9489d035edd654818d4dd49467d90cf7cb3a83c7268 20/20 19/07/2017 6:11:00 AM


Cryptopia support already replied to a ticket I submitted to them. Here's their response:


Hi ***,

This is probably due to a glitch in the ETH network.

Sometimes for no obvious reason, someone will withdrawal their ETH and it just doesn't show up on the ETH network immediately, at which point the withdrawal broadcasts again. This doesn't happen a lot, however it isn't extremely rare.

Our Admin team have been investigating this issue, as when it happens from an exchange, the double broadcast means the ETH comes from our wallet, and not the users so it would be great to know how to resolve this, however we have only been able to find people who have had this issue and no solution so far.

Thanks, Cryptopia Support.


What in the world is going on here? This kind of "glitchy" random activity does not seem like a good foundation for a financial network!

Thoughts ???
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