Internet task market – looking forward for the feedback!

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I would like to present you a concept of an open Internet task market, where any work can be automatically checked.

Imagine, you can automatically check any action of a person on the web or any information from the web, and write it down in a block chain.
This is not just an oracle based system but a more complex and advance system. Using this system you can check even information that requires authentication without any risk of data stealing.
There are lots of works and tasks on the Internet that can be described in smart contracts, with the help of our system contracts can be checked and completed in favor of a certain party automatically.

Below are examples of such tasks:
A contract for bringing to the top searching machine results.
Transfer of a domain to another person.
Advertising on a page.
The fact of fiat funds transfer from one account to another.
The fact that a person liked or shared your post.

Some technical information:
Inside, the system works similar to oracles, but it can validate any TSL request. Oracle requests via contract executor, as via proxy, and with the use of TSL it is checked that the answer comes from a right host, while with the use of regular expressions provisioned in the contract it is checked whether the contract is fulfilled. If executor’s authentication is required for confirmation, it is possible to divide TSL traffic into parts, so that the oracle has no opportunity to steal private data, for which homomorphic encryption is used.

Plenty of time was spent to elaborate the technical implementation and its bottlenecks. Next posts will describe technical challenges and relevant solutions.
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