Computer can not recognise my 5th GPU

Re3eRe3e Member Posts: 3
Hello Friends,

I am a new miner, I got 5 cheap Asus GTX 1050 TI cards on my motherbourd TB250 BTC now the problem is, windows cant see the 5th GPU. We tried a lot of things, 3 different bios, mining mode on mobo is on, gen 2 also so I really dont know where the problem could be.

If anyone has a solution please let me know, Thanx.

5 x GPU Asus 1050ti 4 gb ram
1x mobo TB250-BTC
1050w cougar GX Gold
RAM 4 gb ddr4
Widows 10
Claymore miner

also the other 4 GPUs work fine 1 x 14.99 mh/s mining etherium so I have almost 60mh/s


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