[HIRING] Ethereum / Solidity Smart Contract Developer

GrantHeroGrantHero Member Posts: 1
We are planning to develop and launch a new Ethereum based token and we need an experienced developer who can create advanced smart contracts for Ethereum using Solidity.

The right candidate needs to have extensive experience in Javascript and Solidity as well as having successfully launched smart contracts on EVM.

We are looking for someone with previous experience in this space; therefore, please provide information about your previous projects. This would be for part-time paid contract development that could result in a future technical advisor role with tokens as compensation.

Ideal candidates will have:
• > 3 years professional experience as a software engineer
• Cryptography, Security, Bitcoin, MongoDB, Javascript
• Hands-on experience with implementing Digital Signature Algorithms
• Experience with smart contracts preferred
• Willingness to work on multiple crypto assets
• Apply blockchain security technologies (beyond the world of fin-tech and crypto-currency)
• Evaluate, analyze, and target weaknesses in cryptographic security systems and algorithms
• Design robust security systems to prevent vulnerabilities
• Previous smart contract architecture and development experience with other companies that have ICO'ed

Our team is comprised of ex-Microsoft professionals with over 10+ years of experience and are located in the United States. Our advisors are also reputable individuals in their respective industries. Our platform is near completion; however, the crypto space is one of the areas we lack experience and need assistance in.

Come work with us. :) We look forward to hearing from you!
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