Working on big mining related project. Hope you guys are interested.

First of all, I'm writing this discussion to hear out you guys' thoughts.

I had so much help on this forum back in 2016 and this means there are lot of people sharing information.

I'm security software developer by the way.

When I started mining ethereum, I thought it was piece of cake. I thought turning the rig on was everything I had to do for mining.

Two or three rigs were just fine to maintain. But the more I add rigs, the more problem I get.

After facing problems, I got a bit proficient with building rigs. So I decided run a little big mining farm.

I have shared some of my test results when I bought new AMD rx 500 series GPUs.

I want to say more but it can be boring if it's too long.

My point here is that I know when miners experience inconvenience.

Electricity fee
Figuring out why rig is dead
Hot temperature
Repairing GPUs
Buying hardwares
Mining pool, tool fees

My solution was to run a service, cloud mining.
There are few company running cloud mining service.
But I just want to make it better.

Current procedure for mining cryptocurrencies are over charging. At least I think so.

Mining cryptocurrency demands are greater than provisions and those who supplying mining procedures are using it and I think they are stepping lines.

I will run those mining procedures with appropriate cost.

I'm looking forward to get fundding by ICO and really love ethereum's smart contract.

The thing I have concerns about is that there is some people using ICO to just take ether and for this reason I carefully working in progress.

I'm not kind a guy giving orders to people so I'll just leave our website's URL below.

Thanks for reading!!

By Steven

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