Stepping up to rescue the trust in Ether

Since yesterday's unfortunate CoinDash hack incident, I have been following with concern the reactions of investors across social networks who ridicule not only Coindash but also the safety and trustworthiness of Ethereum in general.

Unfortunately, it also happened during a period of currency devaluation.
In my opinion, there are too many investors while there are little uses of Ether as a real currency.
I thought about ways in which I could change this, and here goes:

I am currently applying for an MBA degree, and I have been looking for ways to raise money. As a sole breadwinner for a family of four (and soon 5), I aspired high but I have no idea where I will get the required amount of money.

So, I decided to quickly scrape together a fundraising site that uses Ether. This is not an ICO and it's for a good cause, but most importantly - it expresses confidence in the currency.

What will come of it? Well, if I raise a large enough sum, I will ask to pay the tuition using crypto. It is clear to everyone that once an institution like Harvard or Stanford starts accepting tuition through Ether, this will increase awareness and make Ether an acceptable payment instrument.

I am aware that the site is half baked in terms of content - I update it in the process. I also apologize for my weak English.

Love and appreciate, Gavriel


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