Ethpool vs ethermine mining (15.7.2017.-> )

Z_MinerZ_Miner Member Posts: 1

I just got started mining (probably at worst time) few days ago.

At the moment my rigs are: 450 MH/s @ 1800W

I'm mining in at the moment but ethpool looks better after reading payout information.

1) The question I have now (if anyone knows) how much is average hashrate of all users in ethpool?
By mine calculation I need 34 days to mine one block (probably more because increased difficulty by day).

2) If I team up with my friend we would have about 1GH/s and we could divide ETH and bonuses among us in hashrate ratio. Is this a much better idea?

3) How often do uncles occur (in this pool or in general)? Is it every 3rd time? 10th time?

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  • danxdanx californiaMember Posts: 145 ✭✭
    Most of your questions can be answered by looking at the stats page of the website. If you're asking average hash rate per miner, that would be easy to calculate, but when you have people mining at 100GH and others mining at 20MH, it's a pointless number.

    Uncles for this pool is 3.1% average, according to their stats page.

    If you're talking about teaming up with a friend and just mining on you're own node, that might give you a bigger return in the long run, but with luck as a factor you could make less with bad luck as it will take a longer to mine a block which lowers your time vs reward..

    With a big pool like you will get a fairly consistent amount for your mining efforts as they mine on average a bit over 5 blocks an hour, so luck won't effect you much.
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