[ANN][POOL] Bethemister.com Brand new UI and upcoming upgrades.

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Greetings everyone.

Bethemister Team has been working hard to improve our pool.

We have introduced a new user interface, more attractive and intuitive, now supporting multiple languages, currently 100% in English and Spanish, we will need additional help for other languages.

From now on, we want you to enjoy the new UI in bethemister.com and share your thoughts, we are always open to suggestions.

Our goal is to distinguish ourselves from the rest of pools, that's why we are always working on upgrades, both graphical and practical.

This is the reason that, at this moment, we are in the progress to develop new functionalities, which will be implemented as soon as they are ready; some of them are:
  • Optional registration on our pool, so you can receive alerts via email.
  • Offline Worker alert.
  • Low hashrate worker alerts (defined by user).
  • New block found alert.
See you at www.bethemister.com!


  • BethemisterBethemister Member Posts: 40
    Small update: To encourage new miners trying our pool we are removing pool fee indefinitely!
  • BethemisterBethemister Member Posts: 40
    small update #2:

    To encourage people to try out our pool we are also setting minimum payouts at 0,01 ETH
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    Pool UI update and fixes:
    • Fixed: round contribution for miners added to miners page (thanks to carlos-)
    • Fixed: shares for current round added to miners page (thanks to carlos-)
    • Fixed: TX id on Miners Payments, now redirects to etherscan.io (thanks to Mikelove2)
    • Fixed: rounded number variance on blocks page (from 4 decimals to 0) (thanks to Mikelove2)
    • Fixed: bad text on payments page (from "Block Hash" to "Miner Address") (thanks to Mikelove2)

    Additional News:

    From now on, and until new announcement, we will be rewarding with 1 ETH to miner that founds a block in our pool.
    We hope that with this incentive, people that is still hesitating finally come to mine with us at www.bethemister.com
  • msterkmsterk Member Posts: 4
    Hi, im just joined your pool. But can you explain why do i find shares but we dont find a block with this pool ? Also when i looked up the adres trough: https://etherscan.io/address/0x926c9e6e0730d14893ed738f0ec7059831598332 i saw a lot from nanopool. are you linking this pool to nanopool ?
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    edited July 2017
    Greetings. There is luck involved in finding a block. Sometimes you find it at 10% if you are lucky. Or it can go to 150% or even more. I have seen bad luck streaks on other pools of 5 blocks in a row greater than 130% round variance.

    About nanopool it's simpler than you think. Our ETH address is the same when we were mining on nanopool. Later we decided to create our own pool. www.bethemister.com
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  • msterkmsterk Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for the explanation!
    Hope we are going to find a lot !
  • duronkingduronking Member Posts: 1

    small update #2:

    To encourage people to try out our pool we are also setting minimum payouts at 0,01 ETH

    Hi, I just joined.
    How do you set your payout?
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    Payments are done after the block is matured, If you contributed to the round more than 0.01 ETH you will be paid a few moments later, If it is less than 0.01 you will see it in your account balance and will be paid when it reachs 0.01 (after mining more blocks)
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