New to cyptocurrency mining

Hello, I am a Grade 11 student who want to mine bitcoin for profit. But I found that bitcoin mining is not that profitable. After using profit calculator, I found that
mining ETH is much more profitable than BTC. For Bitmain Antminer S5 with hashrate 1155GH/s, it can make profit of USD$30,443,403.45 annually (hardware and maintainance cost not included ) in my country (0.127USD per kWh). However I may lost USD$310.83 annually mining BTC. Is this result true? If yes, what lead to this huge difference and should I purchase more hardware to mine ETH? Thanks

Mining calculator used :


  • mtbmtb Member Posts: 23

    First please read somethig about Ethereum mining.
    Its not so easy, and you can't mine with Antminer, and there will not be 1155GH/s with this on ethereum. :)
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