Running POC6 0.6.8, can't mine anything on the testnet

Hi, please let me know if I'm making an alethzero newbie error...

After connecting via "connect to peer" and enabling the "Mine" button, my mining is shown as "0kH/s" and looking at my system monitor indicates all my cores are idle. Also, the fancy "mining" graph is flatlined. After running for an hour I still have zero wei.

However, if I click the "Force Mining" button under "Debug", my machine springs into action and all my cores are pegged, as I'd expect... unfortunately it looks like I am then mining blocks at a high rate, as if I'm mining blocks on my own local chain. Also, hitting "Force Mining" seems to disable any future block updates from the peers, further suggesting that I am no longer actively connected to the testnet.

So what am I doing wrong, and how do I get some ether for the testnet? (This is such a basic question I'm a little embarassed that I need to ask it and haven't solved it on my own :-)


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    Hmm... I thought someone had sent me some testnet ether, but after restarting Alethzero my wallet is empty again after a sync with the testnet... Looks like I'm off testing my contracts on a personal chain until I can figure out my problem.
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    OK, I've compiled ethereumcpp on both windows and ubuntu now, and in both cases it shows 0kH/s when connected to the testnet with mining enabled, and the mining graph is flatlined... I guess I'll just run alethzero for a few days and see if any ether shows up, despite the indications suggesting no mining is happening.
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    OK, found the problem- Latest 64 bit build on Windows AKAIK will not mine on testnet. On Ubuntu it mines fine with the "Force Mining" menu item selected, but I had done most testing on the Windows build.
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    Hi drcode,

    I have the same problems with the latest build. 0.6.8b. I am running the server on Ubuntu 14.04 and I am running the client (alethzero) on OSX acquired using brew.

    I can connect but when I press the mine button nothing happens. However when I press the force mining button it starts to mine.

    It doesn't make sense to me to force mining.. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or is it a glitch ?


    Some adittional debug information on server side:

    -N- [ 12:03:26 | net | 20 ] Hello: AlethZero/v0.6.8b/Develop/Darwin/clang V[ 0 ] c7cfd24d… [eth] 30303
    -N- [ 12:03:26 | net | 20 ] Status: 32 / 0 / 08436a4d… , TD: 131072 = 08436a4d…
    -N- [ 12:03:26 | net | 20 ] GetBlockHashes ( 256 entries, 08436a4d… )
    -N- [ 12:03:26 | net | 20 ] BlockHashes ( 0 entries)
    *N* [ 12:03:26 | net ] Hash-chain COMPLETE: 131072 vs 131072 , 0 ; 1 blocks, ends 08436a4d…
    *N* [ 12:03:26 | net ] Difficulty of hashchain HIGHER. Replacing fetch queue.
    -N- [ 12:03:26 | net ] Asking for 1 blocks that we don't yet have. 0 blocks still needed, 1 blocks on way.
    -N- [ 12:03:26 | net | 20 ] GetBlocks ( 1 entries)
    -N- [ 12:03:26 | net | 20 ] Blocks ( 1 entries)
    -N- [ 12:03:26 | net | 20 ] 0 known parents, 1 unknown, 0 used.
    -N- [ 12:03:26 | net ] Asking for 0 blocks that we don't yet have. 0 blocks still needed, 0 blocks on way.
    -N- [ 12:03:26 | net | 20 ] No blocks left to get. Peer doesn't seem to have 0 of our needed blocks.
    *N* [ 12:03:26 | net ] Peer given up on blocks fetch.
    *N* [ 12:03:26 | net ] No more blocks to get.
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