Internxt - Creatinga Decentralized Cloud to Help Build a Better Internet

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Hi there,
I'm Fran Villalba Segarra, Founder & CEO at
I'm from Spain, and I was born in 1997. I learned web programming at the age of 14, and have been involved in small web hosting ventures since then. I worked at Hostinger International for 2 years, created & sold my small web hosting projects etc. I love psycology, tech, entrepreneurship, astronomy. After all my small projects and being working at the core of the internet; centralized servers, I started becoming interested in decentralization & started learning about it, to be able to program on the next big web languages. Now, I decided to create my biggest project, Internxt.

We're creating a whole decentralized cloud ecoysistem (B2B&B2C), where it'll be possible to decentralize our everyday files, websites and apps, in the sake of security, efficiency and privacy. Next week we'll be announcing the team that's been working behind Internxt. We expect to publish a final version of our whitepaper by Early August, if not before. ICO coming by September the latest. All details of our project will start getting published soon, so stay tunned!

PS. Feel free to read my thoughts on decentralization and where it's heading:

Thanks for reading!!!
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