Yellowstone - A Digital Currency Index (Digital Token Offering)

Yellowstone Index (YSTNE)

So the past few months I've been working on a way to invest in the market as a whole without buying everything up individually, and I've come up with this. There have been attempts at this in the past with little success. I'm hoping to change that. (Website, wallet, whitepaper currently in development)

Yellowstone tracks the top 25 cryptocurrencies based on market cap and compiles a weighted average index fund so you can invest in the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Current Problems:
-High volatility associated with one asset.
-Too many wallets to download for each asset storage.
-High exchange transaction fees.
-Insecure exchanges holding funds.

Yellowstone Solutions:
-Reduce Risk - Top 25 weighted average cryptocurrency index
-More Assets - gain exposure to emerging assets across multiple industries
-Less Volatility - Not subject to micro issues with individual assets
-Grow the Industry - Supporting emerging assets with market cap support.
-One cold wallet storage for passive or long term investment.
-Low maintenance fee. (.01 annually)
-Community Voting consensus to amend current Index assets.
-Ability to immediately drop assets from index for fraudulent or extraordinary behavioral pricing properties.(I.E. Blockchain hacked, compromised, Major errors.)

By partnering with the top 5 exchanges on the market today you can choose to daytrade the yellowstone index on your favorite exchange or you can download the wallet and passively invest your yellowstones for the long term.

Still working on the dev and whether the Yellowstone index is limited by operating on ethereum or should be run on an independent blockchain. Input appreciated.

Will continue to update as website is launched this week and whitepaper solidified with digital token announcement.

Get in touch to be involved with the Yellowstone Index Foundation. Looking for design and development support.


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