rx480/rx580 55mhz ETH & 1100mhz SC

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Hi all, first of all I'd like to thank many of you with very useful comments and posts in this forum.

I decided to start mining with my already in possession msi rx480 gaming x 8gb. and added an asus ROG rx580 8GB Strix

Plugged them both onto an motherboard, added an 750W PSU and a 120 GB SSD Card, installed windows 10, installed the necessary software started claymore dual miner since that's what all the cool kids seem to use... ( the develop must be driving a Ferrari by now :smile: )

Crash... nothing there. After a while and debugging I found out that it was due to the following flag from the readme `GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0` . without this everything worked with a staggering speed of 44 ether. ( for 2 cards not that bad, but i wanted more.) I started searching this forum and found a really nice bios mod for the RX480 , after flashed and signing the drivers properly with the pixel patcher tool the card can do about 28MH/s without pushing it to hard.

The RX580 however i cannot seem to find an good bios for. i copied the 1750 strap to 2000 one. and the cards do deliver about the same amount of hashes now, the rx580 consumes about 150W against the 96W of the RX480 card.

The end result for now :
GPU 0 : RX 480 = ETH 28 MH/s | SC 561 MH/s | 90W | 79 C
GPU 1 : RX 560 = ETH 27 MH/s | SC 544 MH/s | 160W | 63 C

The 480 is clearly more cost efficient than the 580 one atm.

Maybe one of the readers could point me to an good bios for my rx 580 card (samsung memory)

I am also still looking for an good pool to mine on , atm i'm mining with ethermine.org for Ethereum and nanopool for some siacoin.

Thanks for reading and all feedback is welcome!

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