How many months or years will it take for the Ethereum platform to mature and stabilize after releas

How many months or years will it take for the Ethereum platform to mature and stabilize after release if everything goes according to plans?


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    I give it a 95% chance that it will take 2.5 to 15 years after release. My uncertainty comes from it's adoption as a technology rather than the scope of it's application.
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    Well lets look at NXT. Its one year old and its amazing to see the amount of assets and innovations created inside NXT ecosystem.
    Seems like the are new people finding its abilities in a faster pace.

    So shorty, the adaptation can be suprisingly fast for Ethereum. There is of course, already, many great things being built on it.
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    And what happened this last year?

    What do you think now?
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    I think the question is one of time frame and your conception of stable. The dinosaurs were around for 600,000,000 years (If we can trust geology) and we still have the birds so I guess they are are still going strong. Feudalism is still with us too and Capitalism is a 200 year old tempestuous toddler prone to tantrums and violent outbursts but lots of people love that. However on a more human scale very small fluctuations are more meaningful and if you are looking to see Ethereum as a platform that will persist for "ever" (or till you die which is what that means for most of us) then perhaps it will. But it has a SHIT LOAD of adaptation and development to go through so think of this as the Cambrian Explosion and don't expect this or that App or DAO, Token or Architecture to be a sure thing.

    In short lets hope it isn't stable for a long time but lets hope that it's safe enough to risk using right now. All you have to work out is what to use it for. Let the Evolution commence. :)
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    Let there be ether!
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