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Title: Generalist, World-class C++ Developer & Technologist

This opportunity is for a leading role in the development of Ethereum and Web 3.0 technologies (ethereum.org, ethdev.com, opensecrecy.com).


- Join a small, passionate and truly world-class team in one of the hottest start-ups and help rewrite the history of future generations.
- Help design and implement a truly first-of-its-kind technological platform and develop expertise in a field that could become the single most important part of computer science for society in the 21st century.
- Help create revolutionary developer tools and rewrite the rules of programming.
- Enjoy life in kreuzberg, in Berlin the coolest, cheapest and sexiest place in Europe.

Key responsibilities:

- Taking a rough vision, (a set of loosely defined goals and use-cases together with a general realisation approach) and working within a prototype-driven development paradigm, you'll devise, design, prototype, document, test, refactor, integrate and polish one of a number of key sub-components of our platform.
- You will manage your own time wisely, splitting between technology research, programming and integration, developer-community liasing and maintenance.
- Though you will be assigned to a particular portion of the project as a whole, you will be expected to develop a broad understanding of all technologies and interfaces involved, and, where necessary contribute to their improvement and design.

Key skills:

As a generalist coder, you will expected to demonstrate exceptional adaptivity and learning abilities. You will have a reasoned opinion on important aspects of the coding process, regardless of language or idioms. You will accept the human inability to have full knowledge on all subjects but will treat all tasks as opportunities to develop your understanding and expertise into an additional area.

- C++ expertise (including STL, C++11 and one of Boost or Qt)
- OR... Expertise in several languages, including OO C++-like languages (Java, C#), and can readily demonstrate the ability to pick up new languages quickly.

- Minimum bachelors-level degree in hard science, engineering or mathematics from a first class institution.
- OR... demonstrated world-class talent in devising, designing and implementing advanced software.

- Proven knowledge /and/ interest in one or more of the following domains:
- Cryptography, security and privacy.
- Peer-to-peer, decentralised networking and data transfer.
- Developer interfaces, programming environments, debugging and tools.
- Language design & compiler implementation.
- Full-process code-optimisation (semantic analysis & profiling, test scaffold, refactoring, optimisation).

Ideal candidates:

- Hard science, engineering or mathematics PhD.
- Solid knowledge, experience, understanding and interest in multiple programming paradigms (e.g. functional, reactive, declarative).
- Demonstrable ability to show wide-field understanding of problems.
- Experience of Agile methodology & related practices including Scrum.
- Philosophical alignment with the Open Source and/or Free Software movements.
- Good operational talents; knowledge of Mac, Windows and Unix OS and ability to administrate.
- Ability to communicate clearly and concisely yet work well with others.
- Good self-motivation and discipline.
- A holistic attitude to code maintenance.
- Ability to work in pair programming/prototyping, critiquing and responding to feedback.


- Up to EUR 77,000 gross, dependent on skills, ability and experience.
- Market rates paid for top candidates.
- Some possibility to receive Ether, the token at the heart of what you will help develop.
- The knowledge that you're changing the world!

To be considered:

Apply with a short cover letter to Lisa, [email protected]explaining in less than 500 words your answer to two questions:

1. What makes you feel this project, in particular, is right for you?
2. In your opinion, what is an important (short or long-term) ramification of Ethereum and Web 3.0?

Please also include a CV and a link to some code you have written recently (preferably C++, open-source and no more than 1000 lines).
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