RX 570 Not Reaching Clock Speeds Help please!

paukyduckypaukyducky Member Posts: 11
I got a couple of Gigabyte RX 570 and I modified them with memory straps 1750 and up since they are Samsung Modules.

That is all I modified, unfortunately when I am running Claymore the core speeds do not match at all. My RX 470 and R9 290X all have no issues.

When set to 1244 (Stock), it only hits maybe 1000. Can anyone help please?
I even bumped up the power limit to +50 and only then does it actually get close, but I am at almost 1200 mV by that point.

The RX 470 only has a GPU draw of around 60 Watts, while the RX 570 has a draw around 120 Watts both at 1100/2000.
Can anyone please help?

Thank you!!
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