South-American ETH Pool

naschpitznaschpitz Member Posts: 1
Hello there fellow miners,

Recently I and a co-worker realized that we had no Pool server for ETH, mostly we were restricted to foreign-far-away-high-latency servers.
A common complaint we used to hear in our local community was the high number of stalled shares.
In order to attend the community we decided to create a regional Pool, and so we did it.

The pool has 0.25% fee, no withdraw tax, a minimum of 0.025 ETH or 2 hours payment interval and PROP profits distribution scheme.
We would like to invite all mining folks who are interested in low fee, specially but not exclusively south-american brothers, who would benefit the most of low-latency offered by a local server.

The web-site URL is:

For HTTP protocol one should point to -epool{wallet_address}/{rig_id}
For STRATUM -epool{wallet_address} -ewal {wallet_adress} -eworker {rig_id}

I'm available for any doubts, critics, suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your attention.


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