RX 570 Voltage Fluctuation Causing Throttling?

paukyduckypaukyducky Member Posts: 11
Hi All,
I have an issue, not sure if anyone can help. I recently got several Gigabyte RX 570s and they came with Gigabyte 750w PSU's, so I decided to use the new ones yesterday, I did it all at once.

I only modded the memory (Samsung) straps with Uber Mix. I am having trouble getting to even stock core clocks. Simultaneously, not sure if its the PSU, but there are huge voltage fluctuations (not sure if they are huge ~60mV) as can be seen from the pictures below.

Is my PSU causing issues? or is it something else? I am using the Gigabyte Drivers 17.10 from their website.

All my 3 RX 570s are on one PSU and I have 2 R9 290X on another same PSU, but they do not seem to experience and fluctuation or throttling.

Can anyone help with this issue? Thanks!!

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