Problems with getting ethereum wallet to sync

Been running ethereum wallet for months now with no problems. Then a couple days ago it wouldnt sync so I deleted chain data and ran removedb and went to resync. Now when I run geth fast it gives me this and just hangs there for hours.

I0629 09:20:16.566971 core/blockchain.go:206] Last header: #0 [d4e56740…] TD=17179869184
I0629 09:20:16.566985 core/blockchain.go:207] Last block: #0 [d4e56740…] TD=17179869184
I0629 09:20:16.566991 core/blockchain.go:208] Fast block: #0 [d4e56740…] TD=17179869184
I0629 09:20:16.567520 p2p/server.go:311] Starting Server
I0629 09:20:18.563714 p2p/discover/udp.go:217] Listening, enode://e299928e63ac34e501dcbe227a6a272a606f8b6033abe51c3dcc0eca4a5760b0a[email protected][::]:30303
I0629 09:20:18.563876 p2p/server.go:554] Listening on [::]:30303
I0629 09:20:18.564708 node/node.go:298] IPC endpoint opened: /Users/Colin/Library/Ethereum/geth.ipc

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