Real world hacks for wealth creation. Can Eth deliver?

In the corporate world, GOD reigns supreme: Gold. Oil. Drugs... On the streets in 2014; ppl need medicine, food, water, nutrition and information.

I don't think creating dozens of obscure alt coins will solve practical real world problems.

We need apps and hacks to help farmers and other workers get solid information and trade crops, barter low cost water filters, find heart disease medicine, meet collaborators, sell microlectures and small books, set up revolutionary printing presses.

If anyone can solve that, success is guarunteed.


  • FrodonomicsFrodonomics Member Posts: 14
    I've sat through the change the world rhetoric from the alt coin community. Do they think creating weird coins will translate into food, water and information? Some of them have a Weimar republic mentality. Cranking out currency doesn't create wealth.

    IMO the real change, the real where easy to use apps hit the average smartphone user.

    I know it's early days yet, so I'll watch and wait.

  • FrodonomicsFrodonomics Member Posts: 14
    These issues are not confined to the developing world. Information scarcity, poisoned food, overpriced medication and pollution are pressing first world issues.

    The future's bright. Big changes are coming. If Ethereum can rly clone Kickstarter in a few lines of code, it has some awesome applications.

    I can sit here and brainstorm apps all day. When you're ready to code them, let me know...

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