Do crashes affect future hashrates?

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My MSI RX 580 Armor 8G has been previously hashing at around 28-29 with ETH only. I recently switch to dual mining ETH-SC and it was mining around the same, but then kept crashing. I kept lowering the core speed and memory speed to try and get it to stabilize but the gpu would crash after a couple house of mining. Now it's hashing at barely 24 and even when I switch back to ETH only I can'can't get it past 24, even if I bring it back up to the OC settings it was at before it kept crashing.

Is there a problem with the card? Should I try flashing back to the original bios and then reflashing with the specific bios I used for this precise card? The bios I used to flash was specific to my 580 armor 8G (hynix) memory.

I'm using windows 10, Claymore, and 17.6.2 drivers


  • kyencnkyencn Member Posts: 7
    I got the same problem after starting eth-sc mining. mine is worse, they kept crashing even with only eth mining. still looking for the solution
  • oncetoncet Member Posts: 8
    when you got a low hashrate i learnt that the system has to reboot, you magically find that the first hashrate comes again.
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    I had the same problem on my 6x RX580 8gb rig. It used to run ETH/SC no problems. Over the last week its started to crash on a regular basis even when lowering clock speeds. I have switched backed to ETH only mining and its stabilised but am now only getting around 28-29 m/s per card. Over the past months its been around 30-31 m/s. My power consumption is up and the cards are working harder. I believe it has to do with the increasing size of the DAG file.

    If you're really keen here is some analysis done on the RX series cards showing the impact of the DAG file on their hashing performance.

    Luckily I have 2x GTX1070 rigs which have remained unaffected. Would be keen to other who are having similar experiences with their RX580 8gb rigs.

    Hope that helps
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