How could Ethereum help a grassroots technology media startup?

FrodonomicsFrodonomics Member Posts: 14

I admit I'm too busy studying water filters, fog fences, hydroponics, solar dehydrators and nutrition to spend much time learning new technology. I'm a volunteer and I don't have much free time.

I'm based in Asia, always looking for new apps that could help cross border trade, crowdfunding, micro donations, media etc.

I'm focused on finding ways to help people raise micro capital, and move lifesaving information get off the net and into the streets.

When you guys come out with some solid, usable apps that the average smartphone user can understand, I can help you translate and publicise them in Cantonese, Mandarin, Indonesian and Hindi. Four huge markets.

I don't want to force crypyocurrencies on Asia. I just want to find ways to move information and microcapital around, and make daily life easier.

I'm patient right now. When you get to solid open alpha, give me a shout.




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