Can't control my clock/mem speeds with anything

zanmat0zanmat0 Member Posts: 3
Using MSI Afterburner, AMD Wattman, whatever I try, as soon as I apply the new settings they go right back to the previous ones. My -cclock and -mclock parameters in Claymore are having no effect on anything. The weird thing is I have 2 of the exact same card (MSI RX 570 4G) and their settings are different (2000mhz vs 2150mhz memory clock) ... what could have caused this?

How can I regain control over my cards? I have one that is constantly getting incorrect shares so I need to underclock it a bit and I have two or three that could be pushed a little higher.

I've already uninstalled AMD settings so for now it appears Wattman is out of the picture.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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