Setting up mining rig Asus PRIME Z270-A 6 GPU 1070

petcuiulian880petcuiulian880 Member Posts: 4
Hello everyone! I am sorry if I am not posting in the right section! I am starting now with my first rig (I know, it might just be too late) but I want to ask for some advice from you .
I recently (3days ago) ordered 6 gtx 1070 ftw gaming acx 3.0; I dont know what memory would they have but I think and hope that I'll get around 30 MH/s on Ethereum mining.
I will pair them up with:

psu -corsair hx1050
mobo -asus prime z270-a
ram -4gb 2400 ddr4
cpu -intel celeron g3900

I looked up on some profit calculators and it seems like eth is the one to go for with my gpu. Am I right?
Electricity is 0.14$ where I live, so I think it's a good profit.

I want to ask you guys, an I going to get the investment money back? It might be a stupid question, I know. I presume it would take somewhere around 4 months. Am I right?
Also, on my own PC I have a Asus Maximus VI Hero. It has enough PCIe slots for another 6 gpus. I am wondering if I could run some more gpus on that as well, if I manage to get my investment money back.
Sorry for my bad grammar! :)
I will try to reply as fast as possible for you guys! Thanks !


  • clownboy74clownboy74 Member Posts: 9
    Did you end up getting this rig? I got a EVGA GTX 1070 SC ACX 3.0 and am only able to get 2.6MH on windows 10. I have no idea why. I get 30 on my RX480.
  • shubham7392shubham7392 Member Posts: 31
    @clownboy74 i also had the same problem .. all did was changed my os to win 8 , it worked for me hope it work for you too
  • petcuiulian880petcuiulian880 Member Posts: 4
    Hello. Sorry for replying after nearly 5 months! I ended up getting 6xasus strix 1070, they get me around 31 mh/s which is pretty decent, and power consumption around 930-950Whr. Surprisingly the PSU is doing a great job by keeping up with this wattage consumption. I have a wemo smart plug and it's sometimes spikes up to 1500Whr (rarely), I don't think it's really true, but if it is then the PSU surely does a great job after being used for like 4 years (3.5 years of gaming and .5 of mining).
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