(arch)Linux: genoil ethminer does not show OpenCL devices

NordmendeNordmende Member Posts: 1
Just dived into the altcoing mining scene.. so hi there!
It seemed rather easy to set up a Linux mining machine..but after 20hrs+ with no luck, I am starting to become desperate!

My most recent try is to get the genoil fork of ethereum to work with my R7 370 2GB:
(claymore fails because of unsolveable lib-depencies and all other ehtereum mining packaged seem to be depreciated in Arch).

I have a Manjaro Archlinux set up, installed the catalyst driver and the OpenCL ICD packages.

When starting "ethminer --list-devives -G" it just shows:

Listing OpenCL devices.
Format: [deviceID] deviceName
*empty line*

Nothing more.

And has anyone managed to set up ethereum-genoil on Linux (non-ubuntu) and faced similar problems?
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