Geth "non-payable" error

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get up to speed with ethereum after buying a very small amount of pre-sale ether and forgetting about it until very recently. I understand the first thing I need to do is separate my ETH into post-fork ETH and ETC.

I'm trying to use the ReplaySafeSplit v2 contract 0xaBbb6bEbFA05aA13e908EaA492Bd7a8343760477 (code here) in geth v1.6.5.

However, it fails with a "cannot send value to non-payable function" error.

Does geth prevent sending ether to such contracts? What confuses me is that I can see regular transactions to this contract so there must be some way to "send value" to the split function...

Any guidance would be much appreciated! Please note I have fully specified the steps I have taken in this stack exchange question.

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