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testingout1testingout1 Member Posts: 1
Hello, I'm pretty new to this and I've been mining for 25 hours+ now. And I was wondering why the calculator over various sites tells me different numbers.

My average effective hashrate over the last 24 hours is 30.0 MH/s according to dashboard.

Estimate monthly earnings:
0.421640 ETH ($137.91)
0.504700 ETH ($164.95)
0.454802 ETH ($154.57)
0.455072 ETH ($148.58)

Who should I trust?! Am I missing something?!



  • JustCauseJustCause Member Posts: 29
    Its not easy as you about mining difficulty
  • C0bra_2056C0bra_2056 Bavaria, GermanyMember Posts: 46
    Network Hashrate (difficulty) is changing every seconds, the calculator are not really live, they just updated every few minutes probaly.
    The price per ETH is changing every sec (or less) as well.

    And you cant really calculate how much ETH you get, because you dont calculate constant shares. Some times 6 in a second are just one in 5 minutes.

    The calculator are just for orientation how you can get on average (at constant price, your hash rate and Network hashrate)

    So you can only trust your own wallet how much you got, thats it.
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